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Do’s and Don’ts
Flash Card
For more information on PKU GOLIKE best practices, download the
Do’s and Don’ts Flash Card.
Our Recipe Booklet will give you exciting new ideas on how to incorporate
PKU GOLIKE into your meals.
See the science
PKU GOLIKE is a next-generation medical formula, thanks to Physiomimic Technology™. Watch how this unique innovation works.


Watch these recipe videos to get exciting new ideas for how to incorporate PKU GOLIKE into your meals.

Fruity smoothie with PKU GOLIKE

Step-by-step PKU recipe!

Mediterranean roast vegetables with PKU GOLIKE

Step-by-step PKU recipe!

Mini cheesecake with PKU GOLIKE

Step-by-step PKU recipe!

Jack burger with PKU GOLIKE

Step-by-step PKU recipe!

Cream of butternut squash and potato soup with PKU GOLIKE

Step-by-step PKU recipe!
PKU GOLIKE is for use under medical supervision. Consult your metabolic clinician to determine which products are appropriate for you before making any changes to your diet.
PKU GOLIKE products in the US are for ages 4-16 and 16+ years.

Finding Inspiration

Always aspire to your full potential

Watch the story of Paolo, whose son was diagnosed with PKU, as he finds the strength and commitment to help his son live his best life.

Become whoever you want to be

Riccardo grew up with PKU but he wouldn’t let it stop him from reaching his full potential. See how he found the courage to make the right choices for his health and his future.

Additional Resources:

The National PKU Alliance is the main PKU advocacy organization in the United States and provides resources and opportunities for connection for people living with PKU and their loved ones. Discover what they’re about.

For almost 40 years, NORD (the National Organization for Rare Disorders) has fought to improve the lives of people with rare diseases, including PKU. They work to raise awareness, advance medical research, and provide support to families. See how they can help.