Better absorption.* Zero aftertaste

PKU GOLIKE is a next-generation medical formula for people with phenylketonuria (PKU),
providing all the amino acids people living with PKU need to stay strong.

Nature knows best. <br/>That's why we copied her.

Nature knows best.
That's why we copied her.

PKU GOLIKE was designed to mimic natural proteins. By releasing amino acids slowly, it may help your body absorb and use them more efficiently while being easier on your gut.
Designed with<br class="d-none d-md-block"/> taste buds in mind.

Designed with
taste buds in mind.

PKU GOLIKE's granules have a special coating that masks the flavor and odor of free amino acids. So
if you mix them into your meals or smoothies, you'll taste your food, not the medical formula.
More options, <br class="d-none d-md-block"/>less fuss.

More options,
less fuss.

Kids and teens (4 to 16 years old) can mix
PKU GOLIKE with many of their favorite foods and don't need to take it with a lot of fluid.
Medical formula you can <br/>take on a first date.

Medical formula you can
take on a first date.

Thanks to PKU GOLIKE's special coating, its amino acids may be less likely to cause bad breath or bloating.
Jump-start your<br class="d-none d-md-block"/> afternoon.

Jump-start your

PKU GOLIKE's bars are an easy, no-mess way to
get the boost your body needs, whether you're
working out or on the go.

*PKU GOLIKE has been shown in studies with healthy volunteers to have a more physiological absorption compared to free amino acids.

A convenient way to fuel
your day

PKU GOLIKE may help power your body and brain throughout the day.

PKU GOLIKE keeps going so you can keep going
PKU GOLIKE releases less than 50% of
its amino acids after 30 minutes and continues gradually releasing for greater than
(>7 hours)

Most formulas have
free amino
acids that stop releasing after

Data is based on a controlled laboratory (in vitro) study. Results in the human body may vary.

An innovation powered by 100% plant-based ingredients

What makes PKU GOLIKE different?
An innovation called Physiomimic Technology™.
Using 100% plant-based ingredients, this
coating helps ensure amino acids release slowly in
your gut
. This lets your body absorb what it needs
naturally while potentially
avoiding bad breath and

See the science

PKU GOLIKE is a next-generation medical formula, thanks to Physiomimic Technology™. Watch how this unique innovation works.

PKU GOLIKE is for use under medical supervision.
Consult your metabolic clinician to determine which products are appropriate for you before making any changes to your diet.

Want more details <br/>before you GO?

Want more details
before you GO?

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for an in-depth look at PKU GOLIKE.
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